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About Me

 I'm a writer, journalist, and aviation expert. Thanks to my relevant studies, my enthusiasm for commercial aviation itself, and the many hours I spend reading articles and books on this topic, I have become an expert in this field over the years. I write my texts in German and English and love to share my knowledge with other enthusiastic people. I am pleased to reach many people through my expertise and passion, and I have decided to publish prose literature soon, in addition to non-fiction books. 

My Values

Openness, enthusiasm, gratitude, and integrity - these values define me. It is important for me to reach a diverse audience with my publications - if not directly from the aviation field, then from the concept of mobility - a fundamental need of every individual. Traveling offers us the opportunity to explore new horizons and to better understand ourselves. The same applies to literature. Whether consciously or unconsciously, words leave an imprint and ideally enrich our lives.

My latest Publication:

"European Airports in Focus"

The aviation industry plays a vital role in the global economy, significantly contributing to the connectivity of people and businesses worldwide. Commercial airports are a central infrastructure and an important hub in the aviation industry.

This book explores the risks and opportunities faced by European commercial airports in the current environment. It examines seven different aspects in detail: safety, environmental impact and sustainability, competition, economy, technological innovations, passenger experience, and regulations and policy.

The aim of the book is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the current challenges in the airport industry and to highlight potential solutions in the form of both opportunities and risks. This helps to better understand and raise awareness of the complexities of this industry and the interdependencies between airports and airlines.

The book is available both in English and German as paperback and e-book. 

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new: DH Aviation!

Under the brand DH Aviation, I will now be blogging on this website about various aviation-related topics. Additionally, I also offer a separate channel on Instagram. Check out DH Aviation on Insta here

My Story


Books were of little significance to me as a student. I had little interest in reading, and what I had to read didn't interest me. It was only through my university studies and the necessity of plowing through academic literature that I developed a taste for books, starting with nonfiction outside of my coursework. Soon, I added prose literature, and suddenly, even the Reclam booklets I had rejected in school fascinated me. Over the years, my horizons expanded in terms of art and literature, turning me into a great lover of theater and museums. My favorite authors and sources of inspiration include Franzobel, Joachim Meyerhoff, Heinz Strunk, Rocko Schamoni, Daniel Kehlmann, Frederic Beigbeder, Michel Houellebecq, Paolo Giordano, and Chuck Palahniuk.

As for aviation, I've been passionate about it since childhood. The combination of travel, technology, internationality, and adventure drove me to stay engaged with this subject. My parents enabled me to experience different countries and customs as a child. Before and during my business studies, I got to "smell the jet fuel" intensively by working at Vienna Airport as a baggage handler, in the baggage control center, and in cargo import. As a management trainee at Flughafen Wien AG, I gained broad experience in various departments and then focused on tariff and concession policies.

I now have a flight log of 452 flights to 50 countries, both privately and professionally. This allowed me to get to know 79 airlines, 48 different aircraft types, and 136 airports, covering a distance of 558,498 km (13.94 times around the Earth) with an aggregate flight time of 816 hours (34 days). 

My Vision

I enjoy expressing myself through writing. It is important to me to present facts in nonfiction books as well as stories in novels that create new perspectives and prompt readers to question themselves and the topics at hand.

Sharing knowledge is a major priority for me in my nonfiction books. With my books on commercial aviation, I aim to contribute to the understanding of the world from this perspective. I want to reach everyone who works in this industry, studies this field, is simply passionate about aviation, or just loves to travel by plane and wants to learn more about it.